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Hurricanes are part of natural hazards, coupled with the vulnerability of each country itself; increase a variable that influences the development of the nation at risk. The hurricane isthe severest of weather phenomena known
as tropical cyclones. These are low pressure systems
rain and electrical activity which winds rotate counterclockwise (=
against clockwise) in thenorthern hemisphere. A cyclone
tropical with winds less than or equal to 62 km / h is called depression
tropical. When the winds reach speeds of 63 to 117 km / h
named tropical storm, exceeding the 118km / h, Tropical Storm
becomes a hurricane.
Hurricanes or tropical cyclones can produce extremely high winds, tornadoes, torrential rains (which can cause flooding and landslides) and can alsocause storm surges in coastal areas. They develop over large bodies of warm water and lose their strength if they move on land. That is one reason why the coastal areas are significantly damaged bytropical cyclones, while inland regions are relatively safe from receiving strong winds. However, heavy rains can cause flooding inland, and storm surges can cause coastal flooding up to more than 40 kminland. Although their effects on the populations can be devastating, hurricanes or tropical cyclones can reduce the effects of a drought. In addition, carry the heat from the tropics to more temperatelatitudes, making it an important mechanism of global atmospheric circulation that maintains equilibrium in the troposphere and relatively stable and warm the Earth's temperature. Many tropicalcyclones develop when the atmospheric conditions around a weak disturbance in the atmosphere are favorable. Others form when other types of cyclones acquire tropical characteristics. Tropical systems are bysteering winds into the troposphere, if conditions remain favorable, the tropical disturbance intensifies, and may develop an eye. At the other end of the spectrum of possibilities, if the...
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