Ian burama

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This book contain more that an explanation about a crime shows the conflict between the East and the West, and the transnational factors they are making this fundamentalreactions in the representation of a holy war. After Theo van Gogh was shot in the stomach and kill in could blood, the world start to realize the cruel reality of Europe society that is been threatened byIslamic fundamentalist.

Ian Burama touches a wounded culture that was hidden “the Muslims”, and explain that after the actions occur in 9/11, they have to face the world opposition by religiousextremist beliefs. Muslims were profile and blame for the attacks to United States, the concept of freedom changed and freedom of speech is punishment with death by “radical fundamentalist.” Theo VanGogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali were considered infidels by the Muslim culture and insolent with the Koran and Islamic Religion. Before Van Gogh were kill, he and Ayaan Hirsi Ali make commotion for a filmcalled Submission. In this video verses from the Koran were expressed on to women's naked bodies and the oppression of women in Muslim communities was the central topic.
Mohammad Bouyeri's suggestthat by murdering Theo Van Gogh, he was defending the Koran in Allah’s name. These actions make a collapse in multiculturalism of Europe making the concept of tolerance an unreachable dream. In myinterpretation Ian Burama blames the process of immigration and multiculturalism and explains that are the cause of Europe lose their cultural identity.
This new cultures arriving to Europe bring customsand traditions, were Calvinism, socialism and humanism leave their marks. Muslims in Europe only brings violence and make barriers in the social integration. The difficult process of culturalassimilation and language disparity makes the development of tolerance harder. How Ian Burama express: “It is easy to be tolerant of those who are more like ourselves… but is much harder to extend the same...
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