Impoetancia Del Ingles

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Why is english very important at present, and how will it help you in your career?
To determinate why english is very important we have to know a litle history about it.The english language probablyis the third languge in the world by the numbers Spokers. this languge is native of nothwest europe and it was developed in Great Bretain.English is the third language most spoken in the worldbehind the mandarin and spanish because Great Bretain is the responsible who carried it aroun the europe.that is the reason that most of europe practices this language. Another country that has englishhow a native language is united statesUnited States And England have been introducing this lenguaje by the same act that they are a powerfull contries .it happened after the first war world . nowenglish is important because it is global languge,it is helpful in daily life and i know that english is going to be important in my career.
English is very important in this global era where you can finda lot of information in this world. Internet, radio, televison, and even your cell-phone, use English as the basic language (or maybe there's an optional language). So, English is an universallanguage.
You can communicate with other people in any parts of the world by using this language. Although i live in a country where English is not an official language,
but i speak English all the time.Because this kind of language have been interesting to study.
This process of globalization is so strong that people no longer need to force to study this kind of language. Because they fell to studyit themselves or by themselves.
It is helpful because if you know this language you are not going to need anything in the future.think that all languages are very important, but English is the mostimportant one because in our era, if you don't speak english, you can not communicate with people from different culture or different country.
We have to be conscious that English today by today is...
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