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The point of sleeping is to rest and repair the body. The amount of sleep a person needs depends on the age, infants generally require about sixteen hours a day, babies from six months to three yearsneed between ten and fourteen hours per day, children need between ten and twelve hours of sleep, teenagers about nine hours of sleep per night, for most adults, seven to eight hours a night appearsto be the best amount of sleep. Sleep is necessary for the nervous system to work properly. Getting a good night’s sleep is not only directly related to how we feel next day, but also to our health.If a person experiences sleeping difficulties it can cause him feel sleepness, fatigue, feeling depressed or irritable during the day. He finds difficult to think clearly or stay focused. Insomnia orlack of sleep is the most common sleep problem nowadays, it’s a feeling of not being able to get enough sleep. Nevertheless insomnia is not defined by the number of hours you sleep or by how quicklyyou fall asleep, but the quality of sleep achived and how you feel after sleeping.Most people will suffer from insomnia at some point of their lifes, it can last a day, or two even months or years. Theycan become irritable and anxious, and they can get emotional and highly stressed too, affecting their mood. Worst of it is that some of them don’t even want to talk about their problem. And in someextreme cases they can hallucinate. So, what causes lack of sleep? Well there are a lot of facts like eating habits, there are some foods that contain caffeine, a powerful stimulant , that delayssleep, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, cola, etc. Alcohol, although drinking it in moderation can help get sleep, it can also interrupt normal sleep patterns. Eating a large meal late at night cancause indigestion and keep people awake. But not having enough food can also prevent sleep. Some people say that hot drinks help them get sleep like milk, they drink it before they go to bed. But...
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