Influencia e importancia del idioma ingles

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Since the begginins of history, man has had the need to be taken manners and customs of other tribes. We can even speak of our Roman CatholicPostolic religion, before it was the official religion of the Roman Empire, Romans had pagan religions for example, in pagan religion the celebrations were on Sundays, Catholicism, what day we celebrateMass? Sundays!!!!!!! Another example is Easter week or holy week, As the Christmas holiday its commemoration begins in the fourth century and as it is also based on a pagan celebration; the cult of thegod Attis, celebrated his death and subsequent resurrection. Our Lord Jesus Christ does not command us to remember His death and resurrection in a special way on a particular date but commemorate himif we take the Lord's Supper.
Well let’s take a big jump into another era, something more contemporary,let’s take a fragment of a famous song by Roger Waters:
“And the germans killed the jews
AndThe jews killed the Arabs
And the arabs killed the hostages
And that is the news
And is it any wonder that the monkey’s confused”
here is expressed How man always has conquered other civilizations,but these civilizations before had been dominated by other, is an endless mix of cultural influences, and now with this we can take the word “culture” , What does culture mean? Culture means: “jointof customs of a community knowledge that leads to personal enrichment, to encourage the development of a critical sense; Action cultivate literature, history, music, fine arts and other expertise ofthe educated person” .
With this we understand that lenguage is also part of culture, and with everything we have discussed in this essay that civilizations have always been conquered and influenced,the language also has been conquered and influenced, countless languages have gone with these acts. Talk about Latin America when the Spanish conquered hundreds of languages existed in Mexico, to...
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