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This article is about the territory and civilization. For other uses, see Korea (disambiguation).

Official language(s) Korean
-Total 219,140 km2 [1][2](84th if reunified)
136,167 sq mi
- Water (%) 2.8
- 2010 estimate 73,000,000[3] (18th if reunified)
- Density 328.48/km2
850.7/sq mi
Currency Won (₩)(N/S)
Time zone KST (UTC+9)
ISO 3166 code KR
Korea ( /kəˈriə/ kə-ree-ə; Korean: 한국 Hanguk [hanɡuːk] or 조선 Joseon [tɕosʌn] – South and North Korea, respectively (cf. etymology)) is a region and formercountry of East Asia that was unified under one state, but is currently divided into two separate states. Located on the Korean Peninsula, it is bordered by People's Republic of China to the northwest,Russia to the northeast, and is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan (East Sea), and separated from Republic of China ("Taiwan") to the south by the East ChinaSea.
Korea was one state until 1948, when it was split into North Korea and South Korea. South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a free market, democratic, and developed country, withmemberships in the United Nations, WTO, OECD and G-20 major economies. North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a Single-party state, with a centrally planned industrial economy,and memberships in the United Nations, ISO, Non-Aligned Movement, ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), and other international organizations.
Archaeological and linguistic evidence suggest the origins of theKorean people were Altaic language-speaking people from south-central Siberia,[4] who populated ancient Korea in successive waves from the Neolithic age to the Bronze Age.[5] The adoption of theChinese writing system ("Hanja" in Korean) in the 2nd century BC, and Buddhism in the 4th century AD, had profound effects on the Three Kingdoms of Korea.
During the latter part of the Joseon Dynasty,...
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