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This package contains the latest version of the HP 49G+/50g ROM (v92).

Note: In order to upgrade your calculator, you must have the HP49G+/50g Connectivity kit and the HP49G+/50gUSB drivers installed on your PC, or a Secure Digital card reader and a secure Digital card formatted using the FAT file system (not FAT32)

Note: Although the ROM update process should not erase anyof the user data stored in HOME, IRAM (PORT0), ERAM(PORT1) and SD(PORT3), this upgrade may erase some of the data in FLASH(Port2) performing a backup of your valuable data is therefore recommended.To do so, if you have a SD card, use the BACKUP command (documented in the manual) to archive the HOME directory (in ALG mode: BACKUP(:3:back) ENTER, or in RPN mode: :3:back BACKUP ENTER). Then, usethe filer to copy all data from IRAM, ERAM and FLASH into the SD card.

If you do not have a SD card, use the backup feature of the connectivity kit (in the file menu) to backup the home directory.Then, progressively copy your data from the other memory locations to the home directory and download them with the connectivity kit.

To install the new ROM:
1. Download the package from theHewlett-Packard web site.
2. unzip the package in a directory.
3. Ensure that you have good battery in the calculator.
There are 2 methods to install the ROM:
1) Using the HP49G+/50g connectivitykit
2) Using a Secure digital card
1) Using the HP49G+/50g connectivity kit
1. Start the connectivity kit. Note that the connectivity kit and the drivers must have been installed for ROM updates.2. In the connectivity kit, select HPx9G+ in the 'Connect using' pull down menu. If this option is not available, turn on your calculator, unplug and replug the USB cable. If HPx9G+ is still notavailable, check all connections and that the drivers are correctly installed.
3. From the ROM menu, select "Download Calculator ROM"
4. On the connectivity kit, select the file: 4950_92.bin that was in...
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