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Why Love?

It is a fair assumption to say that the majority of us are looking for a love so powerful and so pure that we would be willing to die for- but why? There are the endlessstories of love found in an unexpected place-from Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde to Titanic- accompanied by those short but everlasting days of happiness and meaning with feelings so powerful wefeel invincible, yet only to be followed with an end that leaves so many of us heartbroken and powerless.

Focusing on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, passion and tragedy seem to be someof the central feelings provoked by this infamous play. It is a curious thing to realize that at the beginning of the play-the mood, the language-is all very passionate and gracefully flowing: “Sodear I love him that with him, all deaths I could endure. Without him, live no life” yet when the tragedy is reached, the language becomes dark and hurried full of angst: “I have a faint cold fearthrilled through my veins That almost freezes up the heat of life”. So why is it that we as humans search for such a strong and powerful connection to another being? Why do we rush so much and are sodesperate to quickly label the connections we have to another person? To me, these are some of the questions provoked by this beautifully tragic play written by Shakespeare. Juliet went from being a younggirl experiencing love-or so we have labeled it- for the first time, to a girl desperate for a way to keep those incredible emotions that accompany love. She mentions how her life-once warm and safe-now has caused her to experience “faint cold fear”. Her life- now engulfed by such a fear of not being able to be by Romeo’s side at least for one more day- has brought her so much uncertainty toalmost freeze “up the heat of life.” With such black and white examples known to many of us on how love can also have the negative affect in our lives, why is it we keep searching for those few moments...
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