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Name: Mariel Berenice Ríos Hernández

Teacher: Irasema Jiménez ///

Classroom: B8

Subject: English III

Topic: final portfolio

Date: July/13/ 2009Should

1.- I should do my homework.
2.- You should go get my bag.
3.- You should be happy.
4.- I should go home.
5.- The dog should run.
6.- We should go to thebeach.
7.- Your sister should wear pink.
8.- I should go to school.
9.- You should be at the Mmcinemas.
10.- We should see the movie.

Can and Have to1.- Can you go to the party?
2.- You can do that.
3.- You can also take my brother with you.
4. - I can not do that
5.- Can I go to your house?
1.- I have to go to the bathroom.
2.- Ihave to clean my room.
3.- You have to go with my causin upstairs.
4.- You have to go eat.
5.- You have to do your homework.


Description of the country:
Italy is a country with somuch culture, there big artists have grown, as also writers, lovers, poets and politicians. The people are very happy, hospitable and festive, for what is a one of the reasons for which you must visitit. There you can find some many places where stay, beginning from luxurious hotels up to the most beautiful guesthouses or campsites.
In Italy you can enjoy a great variety of food, beginning frompizzas, spaghettis, chesses, rice, cold meats, up to a delicious wine. You don’t forget visit the places what Italy have to you, places like the coliseum, the Capitoline Museum, the Vatican, the slopingtower of pizza and other more. Also you can make a trip to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Siena and others.
The climate of Italy changes from the North to the South and from the plains tothe summits of the mountains. The long and raw winter brings the snow in September. The regions of the north suffer glacial winters and warm summers, while the conditions are relaxed in the south....
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