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texto de wikipedia. No tengo a mano ningun esayo que aportar opero esta site me pide colocar algo aqui, pues coloque algo en lo que hice mi tesis hace 11 anios.

Evolvable hardware (EH) is a newfield about the use of evolutionary algorithms (EA) to create specialized electronics without manual engineering. It brings together reconfigurable hardware, artificial intelligence, fault toleranceand autonomous systems. Evolvable hardware refers to hardware that can change its architecture and behavior dynamically and autonomously by interacting with its environment.
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2 Why evolve circuits?
3 Finding the fitness of an evolved circuit
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In its most fundamentalform an evolutionary algorithm manipulates a population of individuals where each individual describes how to construct a candidate circuit. Each circuit is assigned a fitness, which indicates how wella candidate circuit satisfies the design specification. The evolutionary algorithm uses stochastic operators to evolve new circuit configurations from existing ones. Done properly, over time theevolutionary algorithm will evolve a circuit configuration that exhibits desirable behavior.
Each candidate circuit can either be simulated or physically implemented in a reconfigurable device. Typicalreconfigurable devices are field-programmable gate arrays (for digital designs) or field-programmable analog arrays (for analog designs). At a lower level of abstraction are the field-programmabletransistor arrays that can implement either digital or analog designs.
The concept was pioneered by Adrian Thompson at the University of Sussex, England, who in 1996 evolved a tone discriminator usingfewer than 40 programmable logic gates and no clock signal in a FPGA. This is a remarkably small design for such a device and relied on exploiting peculiarities of the hardware that engineers normally...
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