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1. Texto narrativo o cronológico
Este tipo de texto presenta al lector una exposición de hechos que pueden o no desarrollarse en orden cronológico. Un caso particular de una secuencia de hechos es el que incluye los flashbacks, interrupciones en la secuencia cronológica que introduce hechos ocurridos con anterioridad y que son de importancia para la comprensión.- Ejemplos de este tipo de textoson los que presenta un periódico, un cuento o un procedimiento.

Skim the following passage
1.1 Nuclear energy
Nuclear power is obtained from the energy which can be released from the nucleus of an atom. Until the twentieth century man used water, wood and the fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) as sources of power. During the first quarter of the twentieth century physicist investigated thestructure of the atom.
In 11 Rutherford split the atom artificially. Thirteen years later the neutron was discovered. In 139 Hahn and Strassman investigated the action of neutron on uranium-235. They found that it was split into equal pieces. This process is known as fusion. It releases great amounts of energy. The neutrons that are released in fusion produce fusion in other atoms. This is known asa chain reaction. On 2nd December 1942 Enrico Fermi and his colleagues produced the first controlled nuclear chain reaction.
Since then the atomic energy has been used in war and peace. In 1951 electricity was first produced by using the heat from a nuclear reactor. More recently nuclear energy has been used to power submarines. Nuclear batteries are now being used in cardiac pacemakers. More andmore countries are building nuclear power stations to produce electricity.

Match the following events with its corresponding time of occurrence.
1. Use of atomic energy in war and peace a. 1900-1925
2. Increasing use of nuclear energy to produce
electricity b. Before the 20th century
3. Depend on wood, water and fossil fuels c. Present moment
4. Investigation of thestructure of the atom d. After 1942
5. Production of first controlled nuclear chain reaction e. Three years after the discovery of fusion
Reports of series of events refer to:
What happened The event Rutherford split the atom

When things happened
The time of an event
Rutherford split the atom in 1919.
Events can be located:
In present time

past present futureCountries are building nuclear power stations.
In the past

past Present future

In 1919 Rutherford split the atom artificially.

We can relate past events to present time:


past Present future

Since 1942 atomic energy has been used for peace and war.
We can refer to events without locating them in time:

past Present future

Fusion releases energy.1.2 Read the following text “The birdman of Alcatraz”. Answer the questions.

The story of Robert Stroud has been written many different ways. Some say he was a troubled boy from a broken home who accidentally killed someone. Others say he was a cold, vicious man, a murderer who should have been executed . Others fall somewhere in the middle. All of them agree on one thing, though,Robert Stroud is one of the most famous American criminals of all time.
Robert Stroud was 19 when he killed a man in dispute over a dancer girl in Juneau, Alaska. He was sentenced to 12 years at McNeil Island Prison in Washington State. Prison life was hard. After two years there, Stroud stabbed a fellow prisoner who had told the authorities Stroud was stealing food from the kitchen. Six months wereadded to his sentence. In 1912 he was transferred to Leavenworth Prison in Kansas.
Stroud had received only a third grade education. Some people thought he was stupid, including his cell mate who was taking some correspondence courses. Stroud decided he would like to do the same. Within three years he had received diplomas from Kansas State University in engineering, music, mathematics and...
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