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1. Read the following information.

If you visit a desert you have to becarefulbecause it is a very dangerousplace. There are a lot of snakes,spiders, ants and other poisonousanimals. You can reduce the dangersby taking basic precautions. You mustlook out for snakes. Don’t moveit if onegets close to you. Be careful ofpoisonous insects like ants or spidersbecause they bite. | |

2. Underline the warnings you can find in the text.

3. Write True or False.

a) A desert is avery safe place. _______________
b) Some insects are poisonous in the desert. _______________
c) People can reduce dangers by taking precautions. _______________
d) Ants and spiders could bedangerous. _______________
e) It is cold during the day in a desert. _______________

4. Complete the sentences with have or has.

a) Mario ____________ to study for his math exam.
b) Students ____________arrive on time to the school.
c) Susana ____________ to make her bed before going to school.
d) John and Mike ___________ to make a presentation for the history class.
e) I _____________ to wash myuniform.

5. Underline the most logical possible consequence.

1. Keep medicine away from children. 2. Don’t smoke.
a) It can poison them. a) You might fall.
b) It can cut a finger. b)You can cause a fire.
c) It can cause a fall. c) You can get lung cancer.

3. Be careful with that sharp knife. 4. Cover that wall socket.
a) You can get an electric shock. a) A person mightdrown.
b) You can cut a finger. b) A child can get an electric
c) It can poison you. shock. c) It can cause a fire.

6. Match the warnings with the picture.
a) Poison! Don’t drink
b) Danger! Don’ttouch with wet hands
c) Don’t feed the animals
d) Don’t smoke
e) Be careful! African bees in this area!
f) Don’t light fires

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