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Going To

Is a term used to describe an english sentence structure referring to the future. Making use of the verb phrase to be goingto.

The going to future originated by the extension of the spatial sense of the verb 'go' to a temporal sense (a common change - the same phenomenon can be seen in the preposition before).The original construction involved physical movement with an intention, such as I am going [outside] to harvest the crop. The location later became unnecessary, and the expression was reinterpreted torepresent a near future.

subject + be (in the proper form for the subject) + going to + verb + any other information


Going-to future is used when the speaker wishes toexpress certainty about the future based on evidence or fact from the present or the speaker's opinion: "If you do not stop, you are going to be caught by the police and hauled back to jail." "Our housesare going to be swept away by the impending storm." While the "will" and "going to" constructions are often interchangeable, only the the "going to" construction can denote former future intention(e.g. "I was going to eat dinner, but decided not to").

Use of going to Future
• an action in the near future that has already been planned or prepared
example: I am going to study harder nextyear.
• a conclusion regarding the immediate future
example: The sky is absolutely dark. It is going to rain.
Signal Words
• in one year, next week, tomorrow

Frequency Adverb.

The most commonfrequency adverbs in English are:
Never 100% of the time
about 90% of the time
about 80% of the time
about 70% of thetime
about 50% of the time
about 40% of the time
about 20% of the time
about 10% of the time
about 00% of the time
Note: The percentages here are rough estimates only.
Frequency adverbs can...
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