Ingles Beginner Actividad 1 Sena Virtual

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Develop the following exercises to clarify, the topics covered in the first three units of study.

Desarrolla los siguientes ejercicios para evidenciar,los temas vistos en las primeras tres unidades de estudio.

Mirar en la grafica posesivo.

1. Look at the possessive chart. Complete the story above using the correct possessives. The firsthas been done for you.

|his | |
|her |Her|
|son's |brother's |
|their |daugter's|
|his |Her |
|Harry's |Their|

Jack is married to Alice. She is his wife and he is her husband. They have a daughter and son. The son´s name is Henry and the sister name is Lisa. They livenext to Alice's parents, Harry and Marjorie. Harry is Alice's father and Marjorie is harry´s mother. Harry is Jack's father-in-law and Marjorie is Their mother-in-law. Henry is Harry grandson andLisa is Marjorie's granddaughter. Alice has a sister a brother. his name is Mary and her name is Frank. Frank has two children, David and Sherrie. Sherrie is Alice's niece and David is Alice'snephew. Alice is their aunt and Jack is her uncle.

2. You have to find the body parts in the word search. The first has been done for you:

|E |
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