Ingles De Negocios Nivel Intermedio

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Language Department

Language Department
Class: English VI (Intermediate Business English)
Period: First Partial Test

Date: ___/___/____
Student name_____________________________________ Mat._____________
1. GRAMMAR (_________/ 30 Points)
A. Some of the following lines contain errors. Find and correct them. If a sentence is correct.(_______/ 5 Pts.)

1) They can’t afford lowering prices.______________________
2) Her job involves deal with clients. ______________________
3) I refuse believe you. ______________________
4) If you reduce the price by five percent, I might to buy at least five thousand units. ______________________
5) Thenew CEO decided outsource some of the company’s functions. ________________

B. Re-write these as direct or indirect questions and statements. (______/ 10 pts.)
6 What’s your job?
I was wondering ______________________________________.
7 What time does the first one arrive?
I’d like to know_______________________________________.
8 Why has he gone so early?
Could you tellme______________________________________?
9 Do you know where the interview room is?
10 Do you happen to know if they’ve finished?
11 I have no idea who she is.
C. Complete the gaps in the article with the correct alternatives.(______/ 15 Pts.)

Consultants Manley and Sons ______________________11 (had published / published) a report yesterday, which ______________________ 12 (praised / has praised) BiTe logistics for its excellent environmental record. Since 1999 the company ______________________13 (has won/won) five major environmental awards.
The company currently ______________________ 14(employs / is employing) eight thousand people. A spokesman for the company ______________________ 15 (was announcing / announced) last week that it ______________________ 16 (has planned / was planning) to take on one hundred more staff at sites around the country. Managing Director Nadja Pal ______________________ 17 (said / says) in an interview several months ago that there ______________________18 (isn’t being / hadn’t been) plans to expand any of the sites, but during an interview yesterday she ______________________ 19 (mentioned / was mentioning) that discussions recently ______________________ 20 (took place / are taking place) about possible developments to a plant in Dudley.
The company ______________________21 (has come / came) a long way since its early days. Nadja said ‘at thestart we ______________________ 22 (hadn’t got / weren’t having) much money, but we ______________________ 23 (always tried / were always trying) to run our business as ethically as we possibly ______________________24 (must / could).’ Their experience ______________________ 25 (is showing / shows) that ethics and success go hand in hand!

2.Vocabulary (_______/ 30 Points)

A. Complete thegaps in these sentences with the correct alternative. (_____/ 2 pts.)

1. We are looking for handcrafted products not ______________________ ones.
a) long-lasting b) mass-produced c) well-known d) high-quality

2. The product comes with a two-year ______________________ .
a) warranty b) compensation c) subsidy d) cover

3. My boss would never accept a ______________________a) bribe b) corruption c) compensation d) fraud

4. We’ve found a ______________________ in the market.
a) prosperity b) niche c) quote d) plead

B. Answer the following questions:
1.- What is the difference between Withdrawn and Failed? (____/ 2 pts.)

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