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TEST PRE-INTERMEDIO – Juana Agulló Villena


Match the words on the left to their opposites on the right. Fast - Slow Dangerous - Safe Learn - Teach Out of -Into Husband - Wife Hot - Cold Boss- Employee Daughter -Son Join - Leave Sell - Buy Left - Right


Complete the table COMPARATIVE cheaper safer more interesting worse dirtier better SUPERLATIVE cheapest Safest Most interestingworst dirtiest best


Fill the gaps with the correct forms of to be.

1 2 3 4 5 6

In 1882 there weren’t any computers. Are you having a meeting at the moment? Ernst was 26 years old in 1999.We aren’t from Italy, we’re from Poland. Armel and Paloma were in Budapest last Thursday. She isn’t a sales manager, she’s a marketing manager.


Read the test and answer the questions. FrèreRobert is a French company that makes olive oil. It’s a family business. The company´s boss is Émile Robert. His son, Anton, is the marketing manager and his daughter, Alicie, is the productionmanager. Émile’s father, Christophe Robert, started the company in 1964. The company has only 25 employees but it makes a profit of around 20% on its total sales. The company’s main markets are in Spain andthe UK and its main competitors are in Italy. It sells its products in email specialist shops and it never sells to large supermarkets. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1 2 3 4 5

FrèreRobert is a small family business. T The company´s main markets are in the UK and Italy. F It sells it products in supermarkets. F It has twenty-five employees. T The boss’s daughter is the marketingmanager. F

Write the answers.

6 What country is the company in?
France 7 How much profit does the company make? Around 20% on its total sales 8 Who is Christophe Robert´s son? Emile Robert 9Who is Anton Robert´s sister? Alice 10 What’s her job? The production manager


Put the verb in brackets () into the correct from of the present simple, the present continuous, the past simple...
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