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Dr. Ave Kludze is know as the Rocket Man in his own country, Ghana. His countrymen gave him that name because he is pioneering scientist at NASA. But long before he knew anythingabout NASA, the young Ave had been interested in electric al engineering.
Ave relates several incidents that show his interest in engineering. He often dismantled his parents radio as a child. Onanother occasion, a friend invited him over see his new TV. Ave had never seen a television before. When his friend’s parents returned home from work in the fields, Ave had dismantled their brand newtelevision set.
In house early engineering days, he knew nothing about flying. But that all changed when he visited the Accra airport one day to watch the planes landing and taking off. By the time heleft the airport, he had decided that he wanted to be a pilot. But that dream died after discovered his eyesight wasn´t good enough for flying.
Then when he was 20 years old, he went to the AmericanCenter in Accra on a visit. While he was there, he watched the “challenger” lift off on TV. The spacecraft had been in the air for less than two minutes when it exploded, killing the crew. Ave, whocame from a village in Ghana, almost never heard news from the outside world. After had seen that news footage, his life changed forever.
Lesson 4
Hours into the investigation: the crime… A body of50-year-old man was found in his apartament. He had died of gunshot wounds. Homicide detectives were called to the scene.
8 hours: take photos
Interview neighborsCollect DNA samples and
Find a witness
Indentify the victim
Establish the time of death.
12 hours
(12 o’clock) getautopsy and ballistics reports
Identify the type of gun
Establish the time of death
Find the murder weapon
Receive information from an
Anonymous caller
Find a fingerprint match
Get a description...
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