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Students nome: Beatriz Adriana Flores Alvarado

Grade:1 Grup:3

Teacher Nome: Abraham González Montiel

School: Epoem Jesus Reyes Heroles #12

Field: English

Daily lifeThen I get up, go to the bathroom turn on the computer, see if I left work and if I did not let me stay on until 11:40 am as 12:00 to 1:00 pm I shower, get dressed, comb my hair, under my things, thatfrom 1:00 to 1:30 pm I sit down to eat later than I get out of m house at 1:45. I came to school for a while outside and when it's time I go to school at 5:20 pm I go out to recess at 5:40 and I go andafter I leave school at 8:40 I get home as 9:30, have dinner another time I turn on the computer or watch a movie and fall asleep.

I eat at 1:00pm o clook/ I don´t eat at 11:00 o clook
I take ashower at 12:00pm o´clook/ I don´t take a shower at 8:00am

Shakira biography

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977 in the Colombian town of Barranquilla, a port in thecountry and located along the Caribbean Sea.

    She is the daughter of a middle class family. His parents are William Mebarak, of Lebanese descent, and Nidia Ripoll, Colombia. The traditional characterof their parents influenced the decision to Shakira's name to his daughter, which means "Goddess of Light" in Hindi and "woman full of grace" in Arabic.

    Shakira took his first steps in showbusiness after 5 years of age, demonstrating through songs and dances Arab exceptional artistic disposition.

    Since she knew what he wanted: "the deep need to be heard." From that moment began toprepare in order to achieve fame.

    According to his mother: "The girl obsessed with science began to assume that we did end up being a researcher, but then locked himself in his room day andnight to write stories and poems. We were deceived again when we have had a daughter writer, until I discovered that writing was only the first step and that what she had been writing were the lyrics of...
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