Ingles Presente Progresivo

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The way we live
ENGLISH IN USE  Express annoyance  Habits & Routines  Express likes & dislikes  Talk about lifestyles  Talk abut character & appearance VOCABULARY GRAMMAR

Unit 1

 Personal belongings  Leisure activities /hobbies
 Household chores

 So - Such
 Phrasal verb take  Simple present; Adverbs of frequency Present progressive; stative verbs


 teenagers lifestyles
 adjectives

 Write an email to a friend talk about your hobbies and leisure activities  Write a chores chart  Listening Simple The Best
 Reading about Heroes and villains.

 Forming adjectives

English Presentation 1 level 3 Consuelo Torres & Aurora Jiménez

Messy or Tidy
Sam’s room
Zoe’s room

Sam likes playing the guitar. He likes sports.Zoe likes reading. She likes listening to music.

Sam’s room is messy.

Zoe’s room is tidy.

Tidy up
Mom: Sam: Mom: Sam: Mom: Sam: Mom: Sam: Mom: Sam: Mom: Sam! Where are you? Get in here now! Here I am, Mom. What’s up? Please come an look at this room, Sam! What’s the problem Mom? What’s wrong with it? It looks like a hurricane hit it! How can you…? It doesn’t bother me! You must bekidding! Everything’s such a mess! I like my room that way Mom! Well, I am not going to tidy it up. Ok, I’ll do it on the weekend. You always say that, But then you take up another sport or hobby! Sam: You’re right, so the problem is I’m always too busy. Mom: No, Sam! The problem is that you’re lazy! Sam: Oh, come on Mom. You know that’s not true.


Personal belongings
Cell phoneTelephone Guitar


CD player


Playing basketball

Horseback riding

Playing baseball

skiing Going to the movies Playing music skateboarding


Bungee jumping

Surfing the net

Doing archery

Hanging out with friends

Mountain biking

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e-mail to a pen pal!

Dear Pablo, How are you? I am glad you want to be my pen pal. Let me tell you a little about myself and my interests. I am a very active person with lots of hobbies. I like spending my free time with my friends. We sometimes go to the movies or toconcerts, but we usually just hang out. I enjoy both skateboarding and mountain biking. I’m also crazy about baseball and I often play for the school team. I have a game next Saturday, actually; it starts at 2 pm (that’s great I can stay in bed late!). What do you think of baseball? Not everybody likes it. My brother can’t stand it at all. He prefers computers to any sport. He works as a computertechnician. I don’t really like surfing the net; I prefer being with my friends to being alone in front of the computer. I don’t enjoy going to the theater or art exhibitions either. They are usually boring. I guess that’s all about me. How about you? Write and tell me about your hobbies. Diego.

How do you like mountain biking?

Fun, interesting, exciting, thrilling Dull, awful boring,tiring, dangerous, difficult

I love it. I find it exciting.

Grammar Simple Present & Adverbs of frequency
Affirmative Negative Interrogative Short answers

• • • • • • • •

I talk You talks She talks He talks It talks We talk You talk They talk

• • • • • • • •

I don’t talk You don’t talk She doesn’t talk He doesn’t talk It doesn’t talk We don’t talk You don’t talk They don’t...
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