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Personal pronouns
Personal pronouns refer to the person who is doing the action or to whom the action affects. In that way we distinguish two types of personal pronouns: Personal"Subject Pronouns" and Personal "Object Pronouns".

Personal Subject Pronouns: We use the Personal Subject Pronouns to refer to the person or thing who is doing the action of the verb or the verbspeaks about.
I am Colombian
Amanda is from Bogota.She lives in Cedritos.
Hugo and Fabio are good friends.They play soccer every weekend.

Personal Object Pronouns: We use the Personal ObjectPronouns to refer to the person or thing whom the action of the verbs affects.
I really like Marilyn. I like her.
Ronaldo plays football. He likes it.
They talk to Marlon everyday. They talk to him.| Personal subject pronoun | Personal object pronoun |
| I | me |
| he | him |
| she | her |
| it | it |
| you | you |
| we | us |
| they | them |

Verb to Be
The verb "Tobe" is used to communicate ideas about personal information (name, nationality, profession, feelings) and qualities about people or things (color, size, shape, etc). This ideas show that something ispermanent. 


I am Colombian. (nationality)
Brad Pitt is an actor. (profession)
My car is red and big. (qualities)

It is also used as an "auxiliar verb" (to be + action):

I amstudying medicin.
They are playing football.

Verb form
subject | Affirmative | | Negative | |
I  | am | I am a teacher | am not | I'm not a doctor |
he, she, it  | is | He is intelligent | isnot (isn't) | She isn't from USA |
you, we, they  | are | They are from Venezuela | are not (aren't) | We aren't inSpain |

Simple Present Tense
The Simple Present is used to express a habit,a hobby, a daily event, a scheduled event or something that often happens. It can also be something a person often forgets or usually does not do.
* I play tennis.
* She does not...
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