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Grado infantil/primaria.

1. My parents ______b__ in England.
a. are born b. were born c. Was born

2. A. Hi. Can you talk now?
B. No,sorry, we ___c______ at the moment.
a. have b. Having c. ‘re having

3. When they arrived their friends ___c____for them.
a. waited b. Was waiting c. Were waiting4. A. Please remember to post that letter.
B. Don’t worry, ___a_b_____
a. I’m not forgetting b. I won’t forget c. I don’t forget

5. How long have you _____a_____English?a. been study b. Doing c. Been doing

6. I think basketball is _______a____ sport to watch.
a. the most exciting b. The excitingest c. The more exciting.

7. I______a____ ten euros from my brother until next week.
a. borrowed b. Lent c. Loaned

8. The spectators ran onto the football ____b_.
a. course b. Pitch c. Court

9. I’vebeen living in Murcia ____a___ about 10 years.
a. for b. Since c. During

10. Next weekend I___b____ to the beach with my family.
a. will go b. ‘m Going c. Go

11.They were driving to the airport when they remembered they ____c____ the central heating.
a. didn’t turn off b. Haven’t turned off c. Hadn’t turned off

12. Sushi is made from __b____fish.
a. spicy b. Raw c. Home made

13. Two people who are together are a _____c___
a. partner b. In laws c. Couple

14. My brother and I never understand ____a__15.
a. each other b. Ourselves c. Myself

16. ____c_______ the money back yet?
a. did you pay b. Do you pay c. Have you paid

17. We _______c_____ to the mountainslast week.
a. have gone b. Have been c. Went

18. They ____c_____ for a new car for ages.
a. looked b. Are looking c. Have been looking.

19. I’ve been working all day. I’m...
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