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1. What does dreadful mean?
• The word dreadful means extremely unpleasant or very disagreeable.
2. How do you pronounce lose? (Is it the same as choose or chose?)
• The word loseis pronounce luz and is the same as choose.
3. What part of speech is choose?
• The word choose is a verb.
4. What part of speech us homesick?
• The word homesick is an adjective.
5. Homework andchaos are both nouns, but what type of noun are they?
• They both homework and chaos are non-count words and they also are common nouns.
6. What adjectives are often used before chaos? (Give two.)• The adjectives important and big are often used for chaos.
7. What two prepositions are often used after choose?
• The prepositions between and in are often used after choose.
8. Write down asentence example of choose used with a preposition.
• I had to choose between going to de doctor and studying for my test.

1. Choose is a verb, but what is the noun with the same meaning?
•A noun with the same meaning of the verb choose is select.
2. Advice is a noun, but what is the verb with the same meaning
• A verb with the same meaning of the noun advice is suggest.
3. Adviceis also uncountable but you can make it countable using another word. Can you complete this sentence: He gave me a very useful…………of advice.
• He gave me a very useful piece of advice.
4. Whatadjective is formed from chaos?
• The adjective chaotic is formed by chaos
5. What is the opposite of dirty?
• The opposite of dirty is clean or pure.
6. What is the difference between homework andhousework?
• Homework is work left related to any kind of studies and house work is work related to the house offices.
7. What is the opposite of lose a game?
• The opposite of lose a game is winning agame.

8. What is the opposite of lose weight?
• The opposite of lose weight is gaining weight.
9. Law often appears in the phrase law and…………… . What is the missing word?
• The phrase is law...
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