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Reading Comprehension “THE MUMMY”

Name: Antonia Silva Date: Wednesday, 9th, June

I. Mark the correct alternative

1. Who does murder Seti?

a) Anck-su-namunb) Imhotep
c) Beni
d) A and B
e) B and C

2. What does do that evelyn and his brother discover Hamunaptra?

a) A map and a box
b) Just a map
c) An Egyptian necklaced) A knife
e) A mummy

3. Why O'Connell know of hamunaptra?

a) Because he is a reincarnated mummy
b) Because he studied about Egyptian
c) Because he was a soldier of the city ofthe death
d) It did not know about this city
e) He was a mad man

4. What do they find to come to Hamunaptra?

a) A mummy
b) A box
c) A book
d) None from above
e)All from above

5. Evelyn brings returned to the life to…

a) anck-su-namun
b) imhotep
c) seti
d) pharaoh soldiers
e) ra

II. Answer the next questions

1. Whyanck-su-namun takes the choice of dying?
2. What does the book of amun ra?
3. Why imhotep make a human sacrifice?

1. Because Imhotep can bring to anck-su-namun to life, doing ahuman sacrifice. Though Imhotep doesn’t bring her to life, because he is caught.
2. send to the bad people of this world to the underworld, a deep place with no hope to survive
3. Imhotep doesa human sacrifice with evelyn, to bring returned to the life to anck-su-namun. So, O'Connell and the rest of people must look for the book to save evelyn

III. Describe the next characters1. Rick O’Connell: Ex-soldier who fought for coming to Hamunaptra, is the only suviver, together with Beni. For some reason it is going to give to the jail being condemned to thegallows from which it is saved by Evelyn, a young woman who wants to come to the lost city. Since then it embarks with her and his brother Jonathan. It is clear from the beginning that Rick likes Evelyn....
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