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Review. Examen (revision)
Present continuos. Complete
I´m buying a new P.CYou aren´t drinkingWhere is Daniel GoingTonight? He is going to collageTeresa is falling in love love with every body¡Mydog isn´t having puppiesWhat are we hearing?We are hearing the street´s noise |
With TOBE and the verb in-ing:
1,-I________ ______ (buy) a new P.C
2.-Neg.= you____ ______(drink)
Wine in my party
3.- Int.= where______ Daniel______(go)
Tonight? He_______ ______ (go) to collage
4.- Aff.=Teresa ___ ____ (fall)in love with every body¡
5.- Neg.= My dog______ _____(have) puppies.
6.-Int.= What _____ we ____ (hear)?
We ______ ______(hear) the streets´s noise
7.- 70% of women in puebla wear make up Most woment in pueblawear___________________________________________8.- 52% of childrent in cub eat bananas Many a lot of childrent ___________________________________________9.- In Tlaxcala 33% of stories aren´t trueNot many storiesaren´t true_______________________________________________10.- 5% of students here smile to the teachers_______________________________________________ |
II.- Quantifiers. Rewrite the sentences;100%50%0% |
Nearly all

A lot of
Not money afew

No one
III.-Adverbs of frequency. Circle the correct answer:
II.-how of ten does Tania sweep her room?
A) Sheswep onze a week.
B) She sweeps once a week.
12.- do you ever make handicrafts?
A) No, I don´t make
B) No, I hardly
c) yes, I make them very of ten
13.- How often do you study?
A) Istudies on Saturday
B) Isometimes study hard
C) I harly
14.- Do you ever go out whith you friends?
A) Yes, I of ten see them
B) Yes, I often stai them
C) Yes , I don´tIV.-question whit how- short answers. Underline : pag 40
17.- how often do you write?
A) I write every day three time in the morning
B) I urit tuaiz aday
C) I a in´t studi...
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