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1. Because in the beginning of the letter thanked Josie for his latest letter he had sent.
2. Victoria is Josie's sister, because she saysthe letter is telling that when entering the theater group that will be famous.
3. Victoria exclamation used when referring to moments that areimportant to her.

Hello, Johana
I'm writing to tell you how my life is right now, I am currently serving in office coordinator in a campaigncalled Operation Orange in Spain, I think soon I will participate in a contest to continue ascending seedlings. Look, Juan Esteban my son andthis is biggest turning 3 soon, I'm already thinking where to put it to study next year. The university this semester is a little difficult,because the work is consuming me more than usual and I have almost no time for study and review, I hope that next semester is different.
I hope yourletter to hear from you.


1. Britain/not build/any more airports
Isn’t going to Britain build any more airports2. My parents/retired/next year
My parents are going to retired next year

3. They/open/a new bridge/in 2020
They are going to open a newbridge in 2020

4. The Americans/build/a space station?
Is going to the Americans build a space station?

5. I/start/a new course/inSeptember
I’m going to start a new course in September

6. We/not/have/a holiday/next summer
We aren’t going to have a holiday next summer.
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