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BENITO JUAREZ (St. Paul Guelatao, Mexico, 1806-1872)

Mexican politician. Son of Marcelino Juárez and Brigida Garcia, marriage humble Indian, Benito Juarez was orphaned as a child and received his early education in their village natal.

Su concern for the social and in particular the situation of the peasants led him to express their liberal views and actively participate inpolítica.

In 1872 Juarez was reelected again as president. Lerdo de Tejada, who had founded the Party Lerdista, allied to Porfirio Diaz and together they rose up against Juárez, a revolt that could be stifled. After his death, because of a heart attack, Congress declared it Benefactor of the Fatherland and the Americas.

OCTAVIO PAZ (Mexico City, 1914- 1998)

Mexican writer. Grandson ofwriter (Ireneo Paz), the literary interests of Octavio Paz expressed very early, and published his first works in various literary magazines. He studied at the faculties of Law and Philosophy at the University Nacional.

During his years of service Octavio Paz lived in Paris, where he became friends with André Breton, but also traveled to various European and Asian countries (in 1962 was namedMexico's ambassador to India).

Poet, novelist, essayist, translator, editor and great promoter of Mexican literature, peace was always in the center of the discussion artistic, political and social development. Her poetry delved into the land of eroticism, formal experimentation and reflection on the destiny of man. in the last stage of his career lyric, the poet gave priority to the alliancebetween eroticism and knowledge. In 1990 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

FRIDA KAHLO (Coyoacan, Mexico, 1907-1954)

Mexican painter. Although shifted in the atmosphere of the great Mexican muralists of his time and shared his ideals, Frida Kahlo painting created a highly personal, deeply naive and metaphorical at the same time, derived from their heightenedsensitivity and various events that marked his life.

At eighteen, Frida Kahlo suffered a serious accident that forced a long convalescence, during which he learned to paint, and most likely influenced the formation of complex psychological world is reflected in his works.

In his search for aesthetic roots in Mexico, Frida Kahlo splendid portraits of children and works inspired by the iconography ofpre-conquest Mexico, but are the fabrics that focus on herself and her eventful life which have made a leading figure of the twentieth century Mexican painting.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Hodgenville, USA 1809 -1865)

American politician. Abraham Lincoln was born into a family of Quaker settlers. During his childhood and youth,marked by the poverty of his family, traveled the Mississippi and lived from about the inhumane conditions endured by black slaves. favored by the internal divisions of the Democrats, won election to the presidency of the Union, which triggered the reaction of Southerners states. Before officially assumed the presidency, they headed for South Carolina, declared themselves independent.

Afterchecking again the other side's intransigence, the January 1, 1863 decreed the emancipation of slaves throughout the Union. The following year, when the forces of North and almost completely dominated the situation and end the military conflict was seen near Lincoln was reelected for another term with a program of national reconstruction could not do: five days of completion the Civil War, AbrahamLincoln was assassinated while attending a theater performance in Washington by an actor named John Wilkes Booth Southerner.

THOMAS ALVA EDISON (Milan, 1847 - West Orange, 1931)

American inventor, the most brilliant of the modern era. His mother managed to raise the intelligence of the young Edison, who was allergic to the monotony of school. The miracle came after reading a book she gave...
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