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1) Was is used with the pronouns

A) You we
B) they you
C) I- he - she
D) con todos

2) In question the verb is placed before

A) Verb
C) subject
D) predicate

3) The negative form for all the persons is made by

A) No
B) didn´t
C) did
D) ninguna

4) In most verbs the gerundis formed by adding

A) Ed
B) e
C) d
D) ing

5) The present perfect is used

A) To talk about experiences
B) to talk past
C) talk in participleD) ninguna

6) Is used to express certain and is invariable

A) Going
B) will
C) can
D) might

7) To form negative statements not is placedbefore of

A) Won´t
B) can
C) going to
D) ninguna

8) Write the third person singular of the following verbs go:

A) Gos
B) goses
C) goes
D) going9) Put the verb in the present simple: louise ___ (come) from Bristol in the South west of England

A) Comen
B) comes
C) camen
D) ninguno

10)Complete: where __ you yesterday?

A) was
B) wasn´t
C) were
D) weren´t

11) Match the word synonyms: trip

A) quiet
B) excursion
C) calma
D) map12) Complete the sentences: George and sue couldn´t attend the first years of school. They learned to read and write by ____

A) they
B) himself
D) she

13) A synonym of: temblor is:

A) extends
B) earthquake
C) extinet
D) ninguno

14) The adjetive next is:

A) time
B) injuryC) practice
D) todas

15) Put the present perfect with: he has washed the dishes the dishes ____ washed by him

A) have
B) has
C) had
D) has been
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