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Self-Check Unit Test · 6
Answer on a separate sheet of paper. Then check your answers. Follow the examples.

Ability: can, can’t, could, couldn’t
(5 points)
1Complete the sentences with can / can’t or could / couldn’t.
Can you repeat, please?
1He … play the guitar but he … sing very well.
2… you finish your homework last night?
3Sorry I … visit you last Monday.
4She wants todo it, but she … .
5I … go out yesterday because I had work to do.
Past Simple (10 points)
2Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple.
A love story
One evening about three weeks ago, I 1 go to the pub with my friends. There, I 2 see a beautiful girl. I 3 fall in love immediately and
4 decide to meet her. So I 5 spend a long time speaking to her. But later, a boy 6 appear and she 7 givehim a very romantic kiss. What a shame! Then I 8 pay for the drinks and 9 leave the pub. That really 10 break my heart.
3Make and answer questions in the Past Simple using the prompts.
‘Where / you / go / yesterday?’
‘I / go / cinema.’
‘Where did you go yesterday?’
‘I went to the cinema.’
1‘You / catch / the train / this morning?’
‘No / I / drive.’
2‘What / he / find / street / Sundaynight?’
‘He / find / 3,000 dollars.’
3‘You / see / your brother / yesterday night?’
‘No / but / I / ring / him.’
4‘Where / she / lose / her / camera / last weekend?’
‘She / lose / it / museum.’
5‘What / they / buy / three days ago?’
‘They / buy / some clothes / books.’
Comparatives & superlatives (15 points)
4Make comparative sentences with the nouns and adjectives below.
E-mails & letters(fast)
E-mails are faster than letters.
1grandparents & parents (old)
2Puerto Rico & Russia (hot)
3trains & planes (cheap)
4air in the country & air in the city (fresh)
5Italians & Americans (relaxed)
6a hotel & a tent (comfortable)
7reading English & speaking English (easy)
8Japanese & English (difficult)
9computers & typewriters (useful)
10cats & elephants (small)
5Write thesuperlative form of the adjectives.
famous: the most famous
6Make sentences with the nouns below and the right superlative adjectives from exercise 5. Or choose your own adjectives.
The Beatles (music band):
The Beatles are the most famous music band in the world.
1Mount Everest (mountain)
2the Nile (river)
3theConcord (plane)
4Mexico City (city)
5Coca-Cola (drink)
6the USA (country)
7Rolls Royces (cars)
8Greenpeace (ecological organisation)
9gold (metal)
10the Poles (areas)

Physical descriptions (5 points)
1Make descriptions using the nouns and adjectives below.
John: thin, bald, nice smile
John’s thin and bald. He’s got a nice smile.
1Mary: short, slim, blue eyes
2Peter: redhair, tall, fat
3Anne: pretty, hazel eyes, long hair
4Richard: green eyes, blond hair, very thin
5Tom: medium-height, a little bit fat, dark eyes
Look like & like (5 points)
2Choose the right verb.
I’d like / look like playing football.
1‘What would you like / look like to do?’
‘I’d like / look like to go shopping.’
2‘What does he like / look like?’
‘He’s very tall and slim and likes /looks like his
3‘What do they look like / like doing at weekends?’
‘They like / look like travelling.’
4‘Does your brother like / look like your father?’
‘No, he doesn’t. He looks like / likes our mother.’
5‘Do you like / look like very thin men?’
‘No, I don’t. I look like / like slim men.’
Household objects (5 points)
3Match the words and the descriptions.
satellite TV /central heating / hi-fi / television /
e-mail / answering machine / video recorder / mobile phone / washing machine / microwave / fridge
You put food in this appliance. fridge
1You use this when it’s cold.
2With this appliance you can listen to music.
3A message you send or receive through the internet.
4When a friend isn’t at home you can leave him / her a message here.
5You can take this...
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