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Bell, Alexander Gram.
The invention, called the phone was registered in the U.S. patenting in 1876 at Boston University. It is very important today because, thanks to this invention we cancommunicate over long distances.

Blaise Pascal

At 18, Pascal invented the first digital computer in 1642, this device allows us to perform all kinds of operations for our daily lives.

AlessandroGiuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

Alessandro Volta announced his discovery of the stack to the Royal London Society, March 20, 1800 in Italy. This battery power and electricity generated us for certainequipment, such as controls, video games, cellphones and more.


Norman Woodland

Barcode invented in 1949 in the united states. Today we are used to identify all types of products, fromyogurt to clothing.

Percy Le Baron Spencer

On October 8, 1945 the American Percy Le Baron Spencer, patented a device that would become the microwave. This device allows us to heat all types offood quickly.

Guillermo González Camarena

In 1940 invented a system to transmit color television set, the system trichromatic sequential fields in Mexico City. This invention is of the mostimportant because through it we see all kinds of programs, films and we are informed.

Nikola Tesla

Invented the radio in 1943, is unknown in place, but this invention is very important because, liketelevision, keep us informed about what happens if only using the search sound.

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan

While the lamp or incandescent bulb was invented in 1878, a year before Edison gave to theworld by the English chemist Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828-1914). This invention serves as an important source of light in homes, cars, streets and other things.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot (1725-1804)Mechanical, military engineer, French writer and inventor, was the big step, to build a steam car. The Fardier, as he called Cugnot, began circulating through the streets of Paris in 1769.

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