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It is a great structure formed by two blocks of stone distributed in four circumferences.
In three weeks that we were in Cambridge, we choose one day to make many tourist activitieslike Stonehenge, exactly August 14th.
We come early in bus, the people of this place gave us information leaflets and a radio that was telling us the local history while we were walking trough theplace.
We did the complete return to the set of stones, took some photos and returned to the bus to continue with the activities.
Nobody knows exactly the origin of this monument.
There exist alot of theories about his formation. A historian called Geoffrey of monmouth, said that the stones were taken from Wiltshire up to England by the magician merlin.
This type of theories wererejected when it was confirmed that the monument exist before 1800 before JC.
Today it is considered for some people as a religious place, as an observatory etc...
Stonehenge was one of the nominatedfor the “seven marvels of the world”, but it doesn’t win. Perhaps, it is considered one of the most important places Europe, even after the battle for the England’s independence.
In my personalopinion, Stonehenge is one of the most beautiful places to visit in England, because it has a great physical importance; it’s a big area of a beautiful grass with a kind of circle of stone in the middle.Edinburgh castle

We arrived to Edinburgh, Scotland on August 12th at morning. At first we did the cheek-in in the hostal, then we had some free time, had lunch, and then, we went to the castle.We spend around 2 hours there, walking along the whole place and taking photos.
The castle of Edinburgh is located in the middle of an extinct volcano, and it’s maybe the principal touristicattraction of Scotland.
The castle suffers many modifications for different battles as the battle for the Scotland’s independence and for different English captures.
In 1313 the Scots demolish the...
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