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Interviewer: Good evening everybody! Are you ok? ... I guess you are not… laughs Today we have 3 people who want to compete and gain the cruise line to the Caribbean which has so many beautifulbeaches and especial places to buy such mystic things. If something like this is not interesting for you… kill you… laughs.

So let’s interview our first participant

Hi man… how is it going? Are youready for losing mind for money…? Laughs

Participant: haha I’m fine thanks … I study business Administration at University and I wish I got a master on finances. I like this kind of Shows where youcan develop your knowledge and also because the prizes are such an incentive to you.

Interviewer: Ok thank you, but that’s not going to help you.. ….. So now let introduce our second participant…hi Leidy how are your feelings…? What do you do for the life…?

Participant 2: I’m happy to stay here … I study and work at the same time is so hard but teach you to be such a responsible personbecause both push you to grow such professional and personal life.

Interviewer: Ok thank you…

At the last but not the less let’s welcome …….How are you? What are you doing these days?Participant 3: I’m fine thanks. Well I teach on a school, I’m a math teacher and when I have time I like to practice climbing.

Interviewer: Oh that sounds boring… laughs just kidding.

So let’s startwith our program today. As you know today our topic is about general culture.

Let’s going to explain the rules:

You have to pick up one card and you must have to answer the question on it, if youdon’t know the answer other participant can answer. If you answer the question you will gain the points is on the card.

The people who accumulate 2 correct answers have other opportunity.


Ok let’s start

Interviewer: Could you tell me what the coin of Slovenia is?

a) Dollar

b) Euro

c) Toller

Participant …: It mustn’t be dollar because I feel that’s not...
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