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María Alejandra Herrera Andreucci, she is a Chilean actress who graduated from the theatre school of the univerdad de Chile and has played many characters such as Angelica Díaz in “amor a domicilio”,Alexis Opazo in “adrenalina and the Nany in “la Nany”, she is well known in Chile

• Why did you decide to study drama?
Because it was what I liked as a child and I loved to dream, play anddress up

• What inspires you to act?
The character I'm working on, in three dimensions, but each character is different, depends on the psychology of character and some kind of emotion, feeling orvirtue.

• What is, in your opinion, the best character you have played?
“The Nany”, because it was a family comedy, was a very sweet, honest, funny and also another character that I loved was the“carmencha“ of “Cerro alegre” her style, her rhymes, etc...

• What was the harder character to play?
Camila Hidalgo, it was my first character and also the script was very basic.

• What do youprefer, theater or television?
I like both, because they need a different kind work, both are nice, but I still like TV a little more.

• What theatrical techniques do you use?
Stanislavsky’stechnique is the most used, but still depends on the character I’m playing

• Do you feel like a character in your daily life?
No, I'm always myself, it’s my identity and even though i interpret othercharacters I’m always myself.

• Have you ever found yourself stuck on a character?
All the character I’ve played end up leaving something in me, I have to learn to be them so sometimes i end uptalking like them and "being" them.

• What do you like most about acting?
The exterior transformation of the character, characterization, when you make people laugh when people celebrate, gets excited,when you create the Kin people.

• Do you consider yourself a good actress?
Yes, because I enjoy doing what I do, because i transmit the messages I want to carry to the people, in addition to...
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