Job interview

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Nieves Roldán Michelle M.
English 4015- M03
November 23, 2010
“The Effective Employment Interview”

1. What are the goals of a job interview?
* The goal of a job interview is to sell yourself and to find out if the job fits for your qualifications and career plans.
2. Why is it necessary to find out information about the place( company- agency) of your interview, before you gothe interview?
* First, knowing something about the organization will help you decide whether it is a place you would like to work. Second, you should have a strong answer to the often asked question.
3. Where can you find out information about the agency or company?
* You might talk to the person who referred you to the organization or to someone who works there.
* If thecompany is a national or international company, you can find published data in the library.
* The chamber of commerce of a particular community can give you information on both small and large companies.
4. What questions may you ask the interviewer?
* You may ask the following question to the interviewer: “ I read that your company exports products to Europe. What percentage of yourproduct is shipped abroad?”
* “ I know that your company has ten branches. Are they all located in this state?”
* “What are the opportunities for advancement?”
* “Do you provide training and additional education for those employees who want to develop their skills?”
* “What benefits do you provide for your employees?
* “ Would I be called upon to travel in this position?
5.What should you take to the interview and why?
* You should take to the interview the following materials:
* Two good pens. You should have an extra pen in case your first pen stops working.
* Tree copies of your résumé and the list of references, placed in a professional looking folder. Often you will have an interview with more than one person. Each interviewer may or may not haveyour résumé. Bringing copies of it makes you look prepared. Also, your résumé will help you provide details about work history and references when completing an application form.
* The list of questions you want to ask the interviewer.
* A small pad on which to take notes.
6. Why is a job applicant a sales representative? Explain.
* As a job applicant, you are salesrepresentative, and the product your selling is yourself. Preparing a résumé gives you an excellent opportunity to put on a paper what you have to sale, to see your strong points and compare them with those that your competitors for the position may have. The items that you want to emphasize on the résumé are those every employer is interested in education, experience, and special interests and skills. Youshould know these qualifications so well that you can communicate them orally without hesitation.
7. Explain why you think the interviewer wants to know what you do outside of working hours, that is, in your leisure time.
* The interviewer doesn’t want to know about your childhood, but in this case review your college work and your experience. Here you will emphasize the college coursesthat will best implement your qualifications for this particular job. The same is true of your experience.
8. Enumerate what to do and what not to do from the moment you arrive at the place interview to the moment you leave. (Pages 538- 539).
* When you arrive at the office, you will probably be greeted by a receptionist. Give your name and the purpose of your visit. If you have to waita few minutes, review your résumé, check the completed application form, read the literature that will probably be available in the reception office, or otherwise occupy yourself. Don’t engage in conversation with the receptionist unless you are invited to do so.
* Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake, a smile, and good eye contact. Introduce yourself and express your interest in...
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