Introduction to ethics

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“What people value they find worthy of their pursuit, and they purse only that which they value”. This means that even toughprofessional may seem like ethical and educated people, all of us are human. And the things that we care the most are those that represent something valuable for us. This value determines our will to achieve acertain goal, to do specific activities and to correctly participate in a profession.
As an example of a common good that is most valued for most of the people, is money. If this is the thing thatyou value, you are going to do everything to pursuit it. And here apply the question if does the end justify the means. It is necessary to regulate our action by ethics, in which by our own parameterswe measure our behavior and act according to law and social regulations. Even talking about money, we do know what things are good and which ones are bad, and the lesson here is to understand that itdoes not matter how worthy that value is, it is never more valuable that the respect for our believes and ethics.

As a personal example, one thing that I find very worthy, is the ability to amazeother people, because that means that you are good at something, but also that you are showing something that is not common to be seen. Because of these acknowledgment I tend to observe with morecareful when people value this asset also. And what if have found is that people tend to lie about things. This may see at some point harmless, but I think that for your own well being, you should knowyourself and try to find value on what you are, and not on what other may think you are. This is a point of view that I have frequently arguing with some people, because it is a common way of thoughtto think that in society you have to project something in order to get what you want. I think the opposite; you have to be the best of you in order to get what you want. If you believe this, you have...
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