Inventory management of service company

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Maria Angela Escobar, Natalia Velandia
Inventory management

Inventory management
Confurca is a big Venezuelan service company operating here in Colombia in citieslike Tunja, Puerto Boyacá, Bucaramanga, and others, and in several states around Venezuela. This company under the criteria of integral service attends the following lines of business: Civil,mechanical, electric construction and instrumentation. They manage a wide inventory of equipment in order to attender diverse multidisciplinary projects with regards to activities inline, maritime and on thelake (Offshore). They can execute operations such as: hoisting, mounting, transportation, dismantling, leveling, connects, and starting of industrial equipment, modules and metallic structures. Inorder to perform these activities we have certificate cranes for heavy weights of up to 2000 tons and pans whit support capacity of up to 300 tons.

Because of the fact that the primary activity of thiscompany is giving to customer construction services, they don’t have high amount of inventory. But, obviously to make those constructions they need some materials and equipment. The materials thatthey use are commonly the ones that they need to carry out theses constructions and projects.

In spite of that the company doesn’t manage large amounts of inventory, the fact that they have to carryout systems that help them to properly manage their inventory, remains vital to the company given that materials cant be order right at the time I which they are needed to build, so they should havesome in storage or provision inventory.

This intermediate link between the time of production and demand, aims to maintain availability at the time of application. Therefore, depending on theproduct and its demand management must be taken to avoid excess inventory storage, while ensuring the timeliness and effectiveness in supplying the customer. These entire make the company requires plans...
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