Invisible touch by harry beckwith

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You can’t never be sure if your project will work, even you have done the biggest research ever, there’s something else than that, the human mind.
People who know they are being studied change what they usually do, that’s why research changes its own research, altering those apparent attitudes and behaviors. One thing that we can do withoutaltered the information is trying to get it the most natural possible and beware of every detail.
People have great trouble imagining that the will buy something they cannot understand, that’s why when you do a research you might have difficulties from what you are trying to explain and what people understand. The more innovated the idea, the more uncomfortable most people feel about it but also canbe the greater the potential success.
Successful companies come from people that are intuitive and have a vision; you can’t always trust in a research, it kills greater ideas.
Hard evidence is actually worst evidence. It comes from focus groups or scientific researches, even they have all necessary evidence that is a great idea, one example that comes in the book is about McDonalds andfast-food, they were sure that introduced low-cal products will be successful, but in reality, people at the end chose regular products even though they said before their preference for a low-cal diet. They don’t give the answers that reflect their true opinions, they give the best answer.
Anecdotal evidence is reliable because it comes from the real world, for example when people don’t know they’ve beenobserved they acted naturally.
Is a fact that little information-gathering will usually produce the same insights much faster and cheaper than an exhaustive study will because with that little information that you gathered from real costumers your got the same result than the one made to more people but you don’t know for sure how many people interview were your real clients.
Another key thatyou need to ask to yourself is that before you try to survey a representative sample, how valuable is that representative information? Perhaps what you just need is an opinion leader; someone popular that wares your brand and shows people how useful is your product.
The most essential step that you have to achieve when you try to get some information from someone is that the people don’t feelhe’s been interviewed, that’s why the second twenty minutes are so important, that time is when people become more outgoing and easier to ask those interesting questions without feeling as a research, listen every word of their conversation.
Sometimes when you want to give some look to your business, perhaps elegant or exclusive, people receive that look in a different way they could perceive it asexpensive or not friendly at all. That’s why you have to give to your business a naive look, something that people can understand when they look at it for the first time.

One of the fallacies in the market is that service companies sometimes do what all people say will work for your company, but is not true; don’t follow what your competitors are doing. Every company isdifferent and if you really want to be the best, you have to see everywhere and people like to feel comfortable, important and happy. Taking care of them is important and people recognize that. Your sales will increase immediately.
Other thing that you have to keep in mind is that every business is different, trying to copy your competence will no benefit you at all. Perhaps you can follow someprocess but your business is more complex than that, has its own way to move.
Try to convince someone buy your product is not the best way of selling, you have to keep in mind that people, even though they see every product that is in the market, they’ve chosen the brand already. What you have to do is recognize what is the reason that made the person chose your competence and not you, with...
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