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will.i.am stops by Ellen show today as surpriseGrammy guest!
| February 11 | @866 | BEPnews
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‘Don’t Miss A Beat’ in new interactive game by the Black Eyed Peas!
| February 10 | @850 |BEPnews
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Black Eyed Peas to headline Wireless Festival in London July 1st
| February 9 | @872 | BEPnews
Chart stars Black Eyed Peas are to playa headline appearance at the Wireless Festival in central London this summer. The group will play the event...

Introducing The Baby Peas!
| February 6 | @108 | kflores
The animatedcharacters known as the Baby Peas were created by will.i.am to immortalize the real Black Eyed Peas so they could live and entertain fans...

Get Special Offers on BEP Albums This Weekend for Superbowlwith VISA!
| February 6 | @857 | BEPnews
In celebration of "The Black Eyed Peas" Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show performance, enjoy limited time offers available only to...

Catchingup with will.i.am in the animation studio
| February 5 | @833 | kflores
AOL Originals caught up again in Dallas with will.i.am at the studio putting final touches on 2 animated commercial spotsfor Chatter.com, featuring the...

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