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Emergency evacuation is the immediate and rapid movement of people away from the threat or
actual occurrence of a hazard. Examples go from the small scale evacuation of abuilding due to a bomb
threat or fire to the large scale evacuation of a district because of a flood, bombardment or approaching
weather system. In situations involving hazardous materials or possiblecontamination, you need to
decontaminate the evacuees before moving out of the contaminated area.
Evacuations occur before, during or after natural disasters, such as: eruptions of volcanoes,cyclones, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunamis. Other reasons include: industrial accidents, chemical
spill, nuclear accident, traffic accidents, fire, bombings, structural failure, viral outbreak,etc.
Emergency evacuation plans exist to ensure a safe and efficient evacuation time of all residents of
a structure, city, or region. The plans have to establish a benchmark "evacuationtime" for different hazards
and conditions; using good practices, regulations, or using simulations. Proper planning has multiple exits,
contra-flow lanes, and special technologies to ensure full,fast and complete evacuation. These plans
include alarm signals that use both aural and visual alerts, especially for personal situations that affect the
individual’s ability to evacuate. Regulationssuch as building codes reduce the possibility of panic by
allowing individuals to process the need to self-evacuate without causing alarm. Proper planning has to
implement an all-hazards approach sothat you can reuse plans for multiple possible hazards.
Evacuation sequence
The sequence of an evacuation has the following phases:
1. detection
2. decision
3. alarm
4. reaction
5. movement toan area of refuge or an assembly station
6. transportation


Small scale evacuations
John Abrahams tells about the strategy of individuals in evacuating buildings. The independent...
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