Juicios orales civiles en mexico

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The problem with the educational system in Mexico has lots of factors that the government has not seen. As we know Mexico is one of the countries with less professional and academic coefficientgrade, and therefore that’s the undercover reason why Mexico doesn’t progress like a country in all of the aspects. There are two big problems in Mexico that has to do with education. The educationalsystem itself and why the poor people don’t get a chance at going to school.
What Mexico has to do to solve the educational system of its country is to copy a role model of other develop country in itseducation; for instance, United Stated, and start to change the whole system that we have now to the U.S system but in a slow and progressive way so we can see positive results in this problem that isone of the biggest we are having.
The solution of this problem is in the hands of our governors and politicians, because they are the ones that make those kinds of choices. So really there is notmuch that we can do as citizens to solve the problem of the educational system of our country. But therefore there is something that we can do all together as citizens to solve the problem of why poorpeople don’t do to school and rather go to work.
The solution to that problem is that we as citizens make our points of view and tell the Politian’s when they are in their politic campaigns that weneed that people that don’t have a chance to go to school , go to, because the real problems of Mexico like the economic, cultural, political and insecurity problems come from the ignorance of people,who don’t know what is happening in the world and cant apport nothing positive to the society, so we have to obligate them in a certain way to give people a chance to assist school.
The only way tochange thing in Mexico is doing things through our social representants which are the politicians because they have the power to change the system, by creating new laws and other things that obligate...
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