Julia de burgos

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Julia de Burgos
A Web Quest for AP Spanish

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Julia deBurgos, the best known female poet in Puerto Rico and one of the best of Latino America, was born on February 17th, 1917 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. De Burgos graduated from the University of Puerto Rico asa teacher. She also studied in Havana and later moved to New York. At age nineteen her first verses were published. Her best-known poem is "Río Grande de Loíza". De Burgos published several booksincluding: Poemas Exactos de mí Misma, Poemas en Veinte Zurcos and Canción de la Verdad Sencilla. She received several honors before and after her death. De Burgos died on July 6, 1953 in New York.
Afteryou read her biography and some of her poems; A JULIA DE BURGOS , RÍO GRANDE DE LOÍZA you will have many tasks to accomplish. As you read ask yourself why has Julia de Burgos been considered thegreatest poet to have been born in Puerto Rico and also considered one of the greatest poets of Latin America.
The Task
You will be working with the Internet, Microsoft word and PowerPoint. As youexplore the work of Julia de Burgos you will be working on many activities:
• You will have to read two poems that can be related to Julia de Burgos’ life experiences. You will have to write a400 word composition in Spanish on the use of metaphor , simile, and stanza in the writing of Julia de Burgos.

• You will have to watch the documentary film about the life of Julia deBurgos. You will have to give a presentation in class about the documentary film.

• You will make a Power Point presentation with a collection of photos of Julia deBurgos and with the chronology of her life.

The process
You will be giving time in class to use the computer to put your work into Microsoft Word. You will be working on this project most of the time...
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