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(in the park )
Ximena: Hi .Giuliana!how are you ?
Giuliana: Ximena Hi. I’m fine thanks
Ximena: What are you doing ?
Giuliana: I’m listening to music
Ximena: What song?
Giuliana:21 guns …greenday
Ximena: oh! Billie Joe Armstrong is the vocalist
Giuliana: Yes His voice is good
Ximena: When was he born ?
Giuliana: He was born in 1972
Ximena : That’s interesting
Giuliana: hmmm….Who areyou going to the party with you ?
Ximena: I’m going to go with my best friend
Giuliana:it’s 6pm
Ximena:Oh no.. Come on at Plaza San Miguel
Giuliana: Ok Let’s go
Erick:Hi guys.What are they doing?Giuliana:Oh …We are going to go shopping to Plaza San Miguel
Erick: Really ? That’s great Can I go with you ?
Ximena:Sorry but we don’t need you
Erisck: uh? Come on girls .Please ¡ First ..we aregoing to go shopping then we are going to eat ice cream ..I invite the ice cream
Giuliana:Ok..Sounds good (:
Ximena: Ok. Let’s go !
Ximena: Wait wait …..look
Erick:What happened ?
Ximena:Is heJesus ?
Giuliana:I think so
Erick:Sure.He is with girlfriend
Ximena: Let’s go .We go up to him
Erick: Ok let’s go

Giuliana:Excuse me ?...Are you Jesus ?
Jesus:No? Your teacher
Ximena andErick :jajajajajjaa
Erick: Who is she ?
Jesus:She is my girlfriend
Ximena : oooooooooooh
Giuliana:Ah Ok ..but we don’t’t care ..See you later !

(in plaza san Miguel)
Giuliana :look the skirt inthe window
Ximena: oh..it’s beautiful but this very shory
Erick:What kind of clothes do you need?
Ximena:I need a beautiful dress
Giuliana :Ximena I remember.I love a purple dress with design inElisandra Boutique.There are a lot of dresses with design

Ximena:Well .Let’s go .Ineed a red dress
Giuliana :Ok come on
Giuliana:Hey ! look ! this is the dress
Ximena:Oh ..you had thereason.It’s very beautiful
Jesus:Can I help you ?
Ximena :yes please..How much is the dress ?
Jesus :The dress cost $150
Erick:That’s very expensive
Giuliana:Ximena…Do you buy the purple dress ?...
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