Kurdish community in esenyurt

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Kurdish and Turkish communities in Esenyurt & Cultural identity in Istanbul

About the article of the Kurdish community in Esenyurt, a district inIstanbul, I have been quite shocked of the cruelty and also the coldness with the characters explains their experiences about the forced migration to the cities.Also difficulty of the quotidian life in the neighbourhood where the Kurdish population has a clear stigma that makes even more difficult situation for the newgenerations that have grown up already in the city and that do not have any connection with the homeland. Reading this paper I only can think in one of theinvariable lows of physics; “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” In this case, with more policy pressure and control, more segregation, moreeuphemism like “the migrants from the East” and more blames over this community it only rises a more separation.
As a Catalan citizen that I am and with myexperience in our own nationalism problem in Spain, I would like to have some hope that this could have a “happy end” because I think is still possible owningto the fact that is still early, I mean, the new Kurdish generations which are already leaving in the cities are young. If there is any kind of solution oftheir adoption in the city in a good way, it would not rise new generations with a rising hate and unforgivable feeling inside only transmitted by parents tosons. And at the end, in future years, no one would really know why or where it belongs to and the situation would be stock in the same point or maybe worse.
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