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K | 1. The health is like a status that be your body and it status are healthy or unhealthy, when you are healthy, you have high probabilities tohave a long life. One advance to have a good health is having a good diet; that´s mean an eating plan with only certain kinds of amounts of food. 2.According to some research, one way to have a good health is doing exercise one or three times a week, for one or two hours for day. Other way is eat soyproducts, like tofu, because it rich in vitamins and minerals 3. The doctors said that to have a good heath, you most to sleep 8 or 9 hours during thenight, because during the sleep, your body discards bad toxins. If you don´t sleep 8 hours you have high probabilities to have an illness or a bad disease.4. According to research Mexico is the first country in the world with high levels to obesity that´s because since child eat in fast food restaurantsand that food are junk food and don´t have vitamin or proteins just have carbohydrates and fats- 5. Many young people are unhealthy because they smokeand drink alcohol that product with the past of the years can produce problems in your body, like in your kidney. 6. The typical Mexican diet is acombination of foods of the Spanish, French, our food is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, maybe that´s the motive that Mexico is the first country withobesity |
W | 1. In what country have high levels in long live? 2. What are the secrets to have a very long live? 3. In what country |
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