La Carreta

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Author’s Purpose

Establishing the author’s purpose for writing a particular text is often the key to understanding the text’s significance. In order to understand the meaning behind a text thereader must pay close attention to several elements.

Questions about the author:

1. What is the background and context of the author’s life?

2. Did this particular author experience anymilestone events?

3. Is there a hidden or manifest agenda?

Questions about the text:

1. What is the tone and voice of the piece of writing?

2. Is there a reoccurring lesson?3. How is the main conflict resolved?

Questioning the Author

Directions: Fill out the graphic organizer and analyze the factors that might have influenced the author.

Author being analyzed:_________________________________

|Background Information: What is the author’s |Milestone Events: |Possible Agenda: |
|lifestylelike? What are some of his or her |Were there any major events that may have greatly|Does the author have anything to gain or anything|
|influences?|influenced this author? |to lose? |
| | ||

Analyzing the Text

Directions: Choose three quotes from the text and use textual analysis to make inferences about the message that the authoris communicating.

|Quote: |Tone, Voice, Diction: |Analysis: |
|Choose a quote from thetext and write it in this|What is the tone of this quote? |Why do you think the author includes this quote |
|column. |Is there anything...
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