La cosa nostra

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Its te second time that i try, to do a logo for te exact same companha. The first time i tried i didnt think the 10 logos were satistactory. I am not saying that none of te logos were okbut mos of them i did not like. I would like to HAVE a simple logo that does not resemble medicine, scientific, pharmacy in any way. Theres a pharmacy that i really think that te arquitetura andinterior design looks like ours:

Its modern theres electric colors tis simple, looks diferent from everything else.When i say simple am talking about something lie thease exemples below: (THE COLORS ARE FANTASTIC ON THEASE DESIGN AND MAYBE IF YOU ADD ORANGE WOULD GET PERFECT. MAYBE ORANGE,BLUE, GREEN AND GREY) (THE LITTLE BALLS OF THEASE DESIGNS ARE FANTASTIC VERY CHIC, BUT I DONT LIKE THE FONT)

There are some color combinations that i really like for.Thease to are fantastic lie for exemple:

the combinations with grey are really niceeee

As far as the color goesthis are color combinations and color tones that i really like. something to inspire te designers:
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