La Kinestecia

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Testimony: Concentration Camp

Batiste Francisco Bayle (deported to Mauthausen):
"Already in the same season, entreculatazos and dog bites, embarked on a freight car all closed [...]. We spentthree days locked up without receiving any food or anything [...]. For the solar rotation we understood that we to the east, but we did not know our destination. we traveled at night on these trains ofdeath. Why at night?. Well, because we went through many seasons of cities. What happened there in the cars was indescribable, was too cruel [...]. The arrival at the camp was at night, even amongour friends got out butts dead and had to climb a path up to the field, about 6 miles of forced marches [...]. "

Jorge Semprun - The Long Journey (deported to Buchenwald):
"Soon, when they crossedthe few hundred meters that separate the monumental door still these walls, there is no point to say something, no matter what, it is unimaginable, but for now are still hampered by the prejudices ,by the realities of the past, they do not imagine what, in short, will prove to be perfectly real. And this conversation can not take place because the SS is there lurking the least infraction ofthe rules established, the first weakness, which would entitle him to finish a shot in the neck to the prisoner lying on the ground and could not continue the column, as silence and almost clandestinesupport on the left shoulder of the boy are the only remaining resources , Gerard combating the sudden weakness of his body, trying to keep his eyes open, let your eyes fill with this light frost onthe landscape of snow, these projectors throughout the monumental avenue, flanked by tall columns stonework with hieratic violence of Hitler eagles, this enormous landscape where he found more thanmusic, noble and serious, in a fabulous opera. "

David Serrano (deported to Mauthausen):
"What is exactamenteMauthausen regardless of what you read then?
Input was a place where there were...
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