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Identifying AMI BIOS Products (AMIBIOS®, AMIBIOS®8 & Aptio®)
This document describes how to identify different AMI BIOS products. Identifying the BIOS properly helps customers select the correcttools for updating the platform BIOS. Since a system BIOS is customized for one particular platform, it is recommended that users get BIOS upgrade support from the original system manufacturer. AMIcannot supply the BIOS customized by the system manufacturer. Note: Some motherboard manufacturers build in special features that may require BIOS upgrade instructions that differ from this document.Please check with the original system manufacturer for details. AMIBIOS products also display a copyright message and identifier strings on the main page of user setup.

Using the Proper Flash BIOSUpdate Program
Once the BIOS is identified as an AMIBIOS or Aptio product, users can select the proper version of the BIOS update program, often referred to as a “flash utility.” AMI flash utilities canbe downloaded from Note: AMI Flash Update programs will produce errors if used on unsupported products. Carefully review the documentation prior to performing a BIOS upgrade.Identifying Aptio Products
Aptio products display the AMI logo and copyright message on the main boot screen. Identifier strings and additional platform information are displayed on the main page of usersetup.

Motherboards Manufactured by AMI
AMI no longer mass manufactures retail motherboards. However, AMI continues to support past products. BIOS updates can be downloaded from Theidentifier string provided on the AMIBIOS boot screen is used to determine the model number.

BIOS from 1991 - Present

Identifying AMIBIOS/AMIBIOS8 ProductsAMIBIOS & AMIBIOS8 products display the AMI logo and copyright message on the main boot screen during BIOS POST, along with several identifier strings.

This identifier string on the boot screen...
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