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CD players:
* LP record is analog. Retrieves data from shining a focus laser beam on the underside of disc.
* No damage done to quality.
* Numbers to describe sound encoded inbinary form and stored in “lands” and “pits” on CD.
* Pit: light scatters, land: light reflects back
* Digital to analog

Digital Cameras:
* Image from lens falls on a CCD (millionsof light detectors)
* CCD produces analog signal, which converts into 24 bit digital color signal
* Press button, picture bits are stored in memory
* CCD= light sensor, array of lightsensitive pixels (5-25 microns)
* Lens focuses scene onto pixel
* Algorithms estimate intensity of color pixels then make full color image
* Non prof camera= 640 x 480 pixelsGoogle:
* Web server: type in search, 1 computer guides process
* Index servers: look for all matches in index
* Document servers: documents sent here and compressed
* Back to you-snippets sent to web server, ordered
* Larry page and Michael sergey brin (pagerank)
* Get endorsed

Internet emails:
* Message sender: uses client (mail software) to composedocument.
* Divides message into packet (depending on how to handle)
* Mail submission server (computer) receives it
* Internet mail address: . top, second level= sciam
* Mail submission server: converts domain nname into IP address
* Find information about “.com” then “sciam”
* Packets to router machines
* Routers:read IP address and take pack to destination
* Destination mail server: puts packs in order and to mailbox

Internet search engines:
* Preprocessing data: map web user’s query againstfile of preprocessed data
* Smart representation: minimize search time with tree of data
* Prioritizing: weights/ frequencies of words to determine relevance. Ex- google

Laser Printers:
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