La Resitencia

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our planet, Earth, has given the human being all he has wanted. It has provided him with the food and energy needed to survive. Man, in turn, has profited from it carelessy, and the planet has been seriously damaged from his actions. Fortunately, and hopefully, we still have time to save our planet, but we must all be more conscious of what we can do to help.

Recycling is one way to help, andit is in the hands of each one of us. As consumers, we are also potential producers of pollution and destruction therefore we should all be informed about how to recycle

When you recycle, you treat things that have already been used so that they can be used again.
But not all similar materials are aqually recyclable, and certain care must be taken to make them recyclable. The followingsimplified guide informs consumers about some things they should know to make recycling a positive contribution to the preservation of our planet.


Most plastic can be recycled, but you must keep in mind the following aspects:

There are different types of plastic, and it is difficult to identify them by sight or touch.

When recycling plastic, the different types cannot be mixed becausewith only small amounts of different types of plastic, the process can be ruined

The plastic industry has developed markers to identify the different types of plastic. As consumers, we should classify only those recommended by the local recycling agency.

Glass, Steel, Aluminum Cans and foil

Glass, Steel ( or tin ) and aluminum are easy to recognize and recycle

Glass bottles must notbe mixed with other types of glass such as windows, light bulbs, mirrors, glass tableware, pyrex or glass.

Mixed color glass is almost useless, and broken glass is hard to sort

Empty metal cans, caps and foil are useful material for recyclin.

Cans with paint or hazardous waste, are not appropriate


Most types of paper can be recycled. Newspapers have been recycled successfullyfor decades.
Recycling of other paper is just starting to become common

The key to recycling paper is to collet large quantities of clean, well-sorted, uncontaminated and dry paper

If cardboard is not collected from your house, you can take it to supermarkets or businesses that handle large quantities of them

Contaminated cardboard, like greasy pizza boxes, is not acceptable

Paperproducts that are not pure such as stickers, milk cartons, laminated paper or thermal fax paper should not be classified as recyclable paper

Any paper that is wet or stained with food is not recyclable

other objects

Certain everyday objects have to be handled with care when dumping them

Household toxics such as paints, oils, solvents and cleaners, and motor oil must never be dumped indrains

Laser/Ink printer cartridges must be sent to recyclers or refillers

Computers, eyeglasses and other household goods should be donated to charity instead of dumping them in the trash

nuestro planeta, la Tierra, ha dado al ser humano todo lo que ha querido. Se le ha proporcionado el alimento y la energía necesaria para sobrevivir. El hombre, a su vez, se ha beneficiado de ellacarelessy, y el planeta se ha visto seriamente dañado por sus acciones. Afortunadamente, y con suerte, todavía estamos a tiempo de salvar nuestro planeta, pero todos tenemos que ser más conscientes de lo que podemos hacer para ayudar.

El reciclaje es una manera de ayudar, y está en las manos de cada uno de nosotros. Como consumidores, somos también productores potenciales de contaminación y ladestrucción por lo tanto todos debemos estar informados sobre cómo reciclar

Cuando usted recicla, te tratan cosas que ya han sido utilizados de manera que puedan ser utilizados de nuevo.
Pero no todos los materiales similares se aqually reciclables, y cierto cuidado se debe tomar para que sean reciclables. La siguiente guía simplificada informa a los consumidores acerca de algunas cosas que debe...
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