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Lab Write Up Guide

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Conducting controlled experiments is just one part of the scientific process. After an experiment is conducted, thescientist is then expected to write a report on his/her findings. These reports have a typical structure and style. We’ll be practicing this type of reporting throughout the year. Each lab report shouldbe structured according to the format below (not all sections may be needed depending on the particular experiment).
Reports MUST be typed.

Cover Page: With name, date, class.

Title: Thisshould very briefly give an impression of the experiment. Be original and creative. Do not copy the name of the lab guide.

Purpose: This states what you hope to accomplish - it’s a brief statement ofthe scientific question to be examined. Use action words like measure or demonstrate and pronouns like I, We.

Materials: Include equipment, chemicals and quantities used.

Hypothesis: This isyour educated guess concerning your experiment. Your hypothesis must be testable. Use “If and Then” format.

Rationale: This is the reasoning behind your hypothesis. This statement should supportthe idea behind the hypothesis.

Procedure: This should be a detailed list or description of the steps you followed during your experiment. Diagrams or pictures can be very helpful in this section.You may summarize the procedure in your own words.

Observations: These are statements of what you witnessed throughout the lab while you were carrying out your procedure. They must be trueobservations of phenomena and not just inferences.

Data/Results: Here is where you present your data—usually in a neat and organized data table. Tables are used to organize and communicate results tooutside observers. You can also look back on your data when developing a theory/ conclusion. Use the helpful hints below to create table to record the data.

❑ Your table must have enough...
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